CD-ROM Libraries and CD-ROM and libraries Laury Melton 26 Aug 1992 14:12 UTC


The International Centre for Distance Learning at the UK Open
University (ICDL) is involved, with National Council for Educational
Technology (NCET) in a project for the Commonwealth Secretariat,
looking at what might be possible in terms of the supply of
information on CD-ROM, including full text, to Commonwealth academic
and research institute libraries.

We know that a number of bodies have been working in this area for
some time and that there are ongoing projects, such as ADONIS, and
Cornell's investigation of Agricultural literature, that are clearly of
interest.  In the time scale we have available we are going to have
difficulty in making contact with everything that is being done,
though we hope to identify most of the published literature.

We should like to hear from anybody working in this area of interest,
ie. supply of library type information in developing countries,
particularly via CD-ROM.  What projects are ongoing?  How far have
they got?  What has already been made available?  Papers in press?

Please respond direct to  L.R.A.MELTON@UK.AC.OPEN