Faxon reply to SC-10 data migration (fwd) Marcia Tuttle 27 Aug 1992 15:53 UTC

Date:     Wed, 26 Aug 92
From:     Kris Nordlie <Nordlie@Faxon.com>
Subject:  Reply to Migration of SC-10 serials data

In response to Martha Kellogg's questions regarding migration from SC-10 to
Faxon Manager, I'd like to provide some additional information.

Since the development of Faxon Manager, Faxon representatives have been
working with SC-10 clients to introduce Faxon Manager and plan for the

In defining our criteria for the development of Faxon Manager, we considered
not only enhanced functionality, but also planned for the programmatic transfer
of as much client data as feasible from SC-10 to the new system.

As in any next generation design, the data in the earlier system does not
always map directly to the new system with its increased level of

We have provided clients with some preliminary information regarding editing
options which would help maximize the amount of data transferred
programmatically.  Depending on the extent to which a library has entered
library specific data in non-standard fields in SC-10 the amount of editing may
vary.  Editing may be done in SC-10 prior to the actual conversion or in Faxon
Manager at the library's convenience.

The migration process is being managed by a team of people representing key
areas within Faxon and chaired by me in my role as Product Manager.  The team
is working on a detailed client conversion guide which will cover all areas of
the process.  We expect to distribute this guide in September.

In response to some of the other comments that have been made, we are in the
process of establishing a listserv here at Faxon specifically for SC-10 users.
We expect to have this in place in the next several weeks and we will let users
know when it is available.

Further questions and comments may be sent directly to:

Kris Nordlie
Product Manager for Electronic Services
The Faxon Company
1-800-766-0039  x459