Classifying serials 01 Oct 1992 15:57 UTC

When we installed Sirsi Unicorn circulation system 5 years ago, one
of the bonuses we decided to use was a USE ITEM which allowed us to
tally in-house use of periodicals.  This had been done by hand
previously and was time consuming.  The Library Director had chosen
to use wand labels which matched the call numbers of the books, so we
extended this idea to include periodicals.  Each lose item, each
bound item, and each box of microfilm was labelled.

Students at the circulation counter bring items to the desk and USE
ITEM before reshelving.  We did totals on each title through Unicorn
and printed yearly totals to sent to related divisions on campus.
We can also select call number ranges for subject searches and lists.
The response from everyone has been fantastic.

We still shelve items in title order but anyone can use the Unicorn
to also find a complete listing of the title in call number order.
We created each item in Unicorn and then printed out labels.  It was
easy to apply in volume order, but we had to keep checking a title
list to see when items went from bound to microfilm to lose issue.  We
collapse by time period replaced by microfilm or binding.  Other
titles we keep only in lose issues retain individual numbers.

Hope this helps.

Rebecca Homan, Gainesville College
Gainesville, Ga [Internet]