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                        LIBRARY OF CONGRESS
                     Washington, DC 20540-2295
                    *** VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT***

                ^  Vacancy Announcement Number: 21209  ^
                ^  Opening Date: August 24, 1992       ^
                ^  Closing Date: October 23, 1992      ^
                ^                                      ^


              Title: Librarian (Serials Cataloger)
                     GS-1410-09  (6201)  $26,798 - $34,835
                     GS-1410-11  (6202)  $32,423 - $42,152

Promotion Potential: Promotion plan to GS-12

  Position Location: Serial Record Division, Serials Cataloging Section II,
                     Collections Services; James Madison Memorial Building

Type of Appointment: Permanent, Non-supervisory, bargaining unit position

Number of Vacancies: THREE (Subject to Congressional funding authorization
                     for fiscal 1993 beginning October 1992.)

The incumbent is assigned to catalog serials. The major steps in serial
descriptive cataloging consist of (1) necessary searching in the Library's
catalog; (2) extracting relevant bibliographic data for materials to be
cataloged; (3) recording bibliographic descriptions online in a prescribed
format; (4) determining choice and form of access points (main entry and added
entries) for each item cataloged and name headings and reference for the
Library's authority file.  Catalogers contribute to the development of a
systematic catalog by accurate application of cataloging principles and sound
interpretation of rules and guidelines. They must, therefore, be adaptable in
order to keep abreast of changes in rules, procedures and technology. The GS-9
catalogers learns under close supervision to apply this complex body of
principles, rules and procedures.  The GS-ll cataloger is expected to have a
thorough knowledge of cataloging, work with greater independence, and help
train new catalogers as needed.

Applicants must meet all of the requirements detailed below.

Knowledge of the use of the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules to create
bibliographic records, including choice of entry, form of heading and
bibliographic description; ability to search, organize and record
bibliographic data with accuracy and attention to detail; good communication
abilities in English sufficient to read, understand, and discuss complex
cataloging rules and procedural guidelines and to compose bibliographic notes
necessary to cataloging.

For the GS-9 level there is no specialized experience requirement provided the
educational requirement is met.  For the GS-ll level, in addition to meeting
the educational requirement, one year of specialized experience performing
serial descriptive cataloging using AACR II in a large research library is
required.  This experience must have been at the GS-9 level in the Federal
service or at a comparable level of difficulty outside the Federal service.

Reading knowledge of two modern foreign languages, one of which must be
Arabic, Indonesian, Italian, Maylay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish or Turkish,
sufficient to perform complex biographical and bibliographical research
necessary to cataloging.  (Applicants must indicate on their SF 171 language

Graduate degree in library science.

A bachelor's degree (or three years of general experience) plus two years of
specialized experience which demonstrate the knowledges, skills and abilities
described above may be substituted for the educational requirement. One year
of this experience must have been at the GS-7 level in the Federal service or
at a comparable level of difficulty outside the Federal service. There is no
substitution for the year of specialized experience required for the GS-ll

Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications requirements will be evaluated
on the basis of the Quality Ranking Factors. Applicants are encouraged to
submit with their SF-171 a supplemental statement addressing each Quality
Ranking Factor separately. The supplemental statement should be prepared on
plain 8-l/2 x ll inch paper and should briefly describe how the applicant's
experience, education, training, self-development, outside activities, awards,
and commendations relate to each Quality Ranking Factor.

1. Knowledge of the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, including choice of
   entry, form of heading, and bibliographic description. (30%)
2. Ability to analyze, organize, and record bibliographic data with accuracy
   and attention to detail. (15%)
3. Ability to search automated data bases. (15%)
4. Communication skills in English. (15%)
5. Reading ability in two modern foreign languages. (25%)

NOTE:In order to receive credit for education in quality ranking factors 1-5,
     applicants must include a copy of a list of all undergraduate and
     graduate courses completed, including grades received and dates courses
     were taken. In order to receive credit for Factor 1, you must describe
     your knowledge of cataloging rules as it relates to education,
     experience, and/or training.  In order to receive credit for the
     experience in quality ranking factors 1-5, applicants must state
     explicitly, the relevant duties performed.  The documentation should
     also indicate the level of training and experience, level of language
     proficiency, and the dates of experience. Recency of experience, etc.,
     will also be considered in the awarding of points for factors 4 and 5.

The Library reserves the right to fill any number of the above-described
position that are or become vacant during the life of this vacancy
announcement.  All Federal Employee Benefits apply.

* HOW TO APPLY: Submit a Standard Form 171, Application for     *
* Federal Employment, and all required attachments as described *
* in this Announcement to:                                      *
*                     LIBRARY OF CONGRESS                       *
*               HUMAN RESOURCES OPERATIONS OFFICE               *
*               101 INDEPENDENCE AVE., SE, LM 107               *
*                   WASHINGTON, DC  20540-2295                  *
*                                                               *
*     For more information on this Vacancy, please contact:     *
*          Human Resources, Team 1, at 202-707-9147             *

#    NOTE: Your cooperation is requested in completing the following     #
#    background and survey questionnaire and returning it with your      #
#    application.  This form is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and will be used   #
#    for statistical purposes only.  All questionnaires become the       #
#    property of the directorate of Human Resources and are not used in  #
#    the evaluation process.                                             #

------------------------------Break Page Here-----------------------------

                        THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS
                      Human Resources Operations
           INSTRUCTIONS              |                  NOTICE
The information from this survey     |          Purpose and Routine Uses
is used to help insure that Library  |
of Congress personnel practices meet |  The information from this survey is
the requirements of Federal law.     |  used for personnel and EEO research
Your responses are voluntary.        |  to help insure that Library of
Answer each question to the best     |  Congress personnel practices meet
of your ability.  Read each item     |  the requirements of Federal law.
thoroughly before entering the       |
appropriate code number in each box. |         Effects of Nondisclosure
  Please print entries in dark ink.  |  Providing this information is
                                     |  voluntary.  No individual personnel
    USE ONLY CAPITAL LETTERS.        |  selections are made based on this
                                     |  this information.
NAME (last, first, middle initial)                  |DATE (month/day/year)
1.  Social Security Number|2. Year of Birth| 3. Do you have any Disability?
  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  1 | 9 |   |   |    |   1 - YES    2 - NO

4.  How do you usually learn about vacancies at the Library of Congress?
(You may select up to three choices.  Enter the appropriate code numbers
in the boxes below.)
              _________         _________        _________
             |    |    |       |    |    |      |    |    |
             |____|____|       |____|____|      |____|____|
01 - Federal Research Services       | 13 - Federal, State or Local
     Federal Career Opportunities    |      Job Information Center
02 - Other Private Information       | 14 - Religious Organization
     Services                        | 15 - Friend or Relative Working
03 - Newspaper                       |      at Library of Congress
04 - Library of Congress Information | 16 - Friend or Relative Not
     Bulletin                        |      Working at Library of Congress
05 - Magazine                        | 17 - Professional Association
06 - Radio/TV                        | 18 - Vacancy Announcement Posted on
07 - Poster                          |      Library of Congress Bulletin
     (Unemployment Office)           |      Boards
08 - Private Employment Office       | 19 - Vacancy Announcements Circulated
09 - State Employment Office         |      to Other Federal Agencies
10 - Minority or Other Special       | 20 - Vacancy Announcements Circulated
     Recruitment Sources             |      to Library Schools
11 - Library of Congress Recruit-    | 21 - Telephone Calls to the Library
     ment at School or College       |      of Congress Recruitment and
12 - School or College Counselor     |      Placement Office
     or Other Official               | 22 - Other (specify)_______________

                                PAGE 1

5.  Please categorize yourself in terms of race, sex, and ethnic categories
below.  First read definitions of subcategories.

The racial and ethnic categories for Federal statistics and administrative
reporting are defined as follows:


- HISPANIC.  A person of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South
American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.


- AMERICAN INDIAN OR ALASKAN NATIVE. A person having origins in any of the
original peoples of North America, and who maintains cultural identification
through tribal affiliation or community recognition.

- ASIAN OR PACIFIC ISLANDER. A person having origins in any of the original
peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, or the
Pacific Islands.  This area includes, for example, China, India, Japan,
Korea, the Philippine Islands, and Samoa.

- BLACK. A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa.

- WHITE. A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe,
North Africa, or the Middle East.

A.  Race      |     |     |  B.  Sex   |     |   |  C. Ethnicity   |     |
              |_____|     |            |_____|   |                 |_____|
                          |                      |
1 - American Indian or    |  1 - Male            |  1 - Hispanic Origin
    Alaskan native        |  2 - Female          |  2 - Not of Hispanic
2 - Asian or Pacific      |                      |        Origin
    Islander              |                      |
3 - Black                 |                      |
4 - White                 |                      |
5 - Other _______________ |                      |
            (Specify)     |                      |

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