Accompanying disks with journals Birdie MacLennan 05 Oct 1992 21:07 UTC

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Date:    Mon, 5 Oct 1992 11:14 EDT
From:    kamala narayanan <NARAYANA@QUCDN.QueensU.CA>
Subject: Accompanying disks with journals

In response to Judy L. Johnson:

Our current policy is to decide on each title as we come to it.  If the
disk is part of the actual text, it is cataloged. We copy the disk, send
the original to a designated area (Special Collections library in our case).
The copy is kept behind the desk, where the journal or book is located. All
necessary notes are added online for the benefit of users. If the disk is
an adverisement or if it is not worth worrying about, we just leave it in
and ignore it.

One problem is that, sometimes we only accidently discover that these
issues have disks accompanying them. 'Fortune" magazine is a case in point.

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Date:         Mon, 5 Oct 1992 12:56:00 EST

From: libsrlzm@hofstra.bitnet
Subject: demo disks with journals

To: Judy L. Johnson
From: L.Meisels/E.Cuesta

We are working on a survey of this particular problem with a view to a general
discussion of the results. Survey was posted to SERIALST on Sept. 15, 1992.
Reply and ask as many people as seem interested to do so. We have already had a
good number of responses.