Request for info. about Document Delivery Services ELEANOR COOK 07 Oct 1992 16:50 UTC

We are exploring alternative access services through commercial
vendors. We are gathering information from various companies.
If anyone on SERIALST has had direct experience with those services
that are currently available, I would like to hear from you.

   I'd like to know how pleased you are with the service you receive.
Are the fill rates acceptable? How do you handle document delivery
charges? Are you subsidizing them, or passing them directly to the

    We are aware, of course, that new services for document delivery
are on the horizon from companies such as OCLC First Search and
Faxon Express. However, these are not quite available yet and so we
are only interested in hearing from libraries that are actually
using a currently available service.

Please reply to me directly or to the list, as you wish.


Eleanor I. Cook                   704-262-2786 (wrk)
Serials Librarian                 704-262-3001 (fax)
Belk Library
Appalachian State University     cookei@appstate             (Bitnet)
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