MARC 866-868 fields TUCKERRU@BCVMS.BC.EDU 09 Oct 1992 20:37 UTC

     We are a NOTIS library converting to MARC holdings records (to
the extent the format is supported by the system).  We have decided
to record our summary holdings in the 866--868 textual holdings
fields.  We interpret the MARC standards to mean that a linking
number must be recorded in the $8 subfield, and that the value
should be 0 if we either have no 85X fields or if we wish the public
display to generate from the 866-868 rather than the 85X fields.

     Our catalogers say they would feel more comfortable in this
interpretation if they heard from other libraries out there
regarding their use--or non-use--of the 866-868 $8.  I promised to
put a message out on SERIALST, as we would like to hear from other
libraries regardless of whether they use NOTIS.  Thanks for any help
you can offer.

Ruth Tucker
Head, Acquisitions, Serials, and Bindery
O'Neill Library
Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA 02167
(617) 552-3207
ed. note:  forgive me if I am an obtrusive editor, but I'm interested
in other responses to this question (we, too, at the University of Vermont,
are gearing up for VHLD to MFHD conversion in the months ahead).  But upon
checking the NOTIS tag tables for the MARC Format for Holdings Data, I've
noticed that there is *no* $8 for the NOTIS fields 866-868.  I'm wondering
if Ruth might instead be referring to $6 -- in reference to the link and
sequence control number subfield??    -- Birdie MacLennan (SERIALST moderator)