Disposing of Unwanted Serial Issues SLIB1198@ALTAIR.SELU.EDU 12 Oct 1992 19:29 UTC

We are currently evaluating our policies concerning the disposal of unwanted
serial issues (i.e., paper issue replaced by microfilm, duplicate issues, etc.)
and would like to hear how other libraries handle these issues.  In the past
we have 1) sent issues to back-issue dealers in exchange for credit,
2) offered certain titles to faculty,  3) participated in SerialsQuest,
4) participated in various gifts/exchange programs with other libraries, and
5) discarded unwanted issues. We would like to hear from libraries using these
and other methods of disposal, including USBE.  If anyone has found a method
that works particularly well, we would love to hear from you.    On the other
side of the coin, we would also like to hear success stories in locating
replacement issues.

Do you use SerialsQuest, USBE, publisher direct, back-issue dealers, gifts/
exchange, etc., to replace missing issues?   All responses appreciated.

Janie Branham
Serials Librarian
Sims Memorial Library
Southeastern La. University
Internet:  SLIB1198@selu.edu