Disposition of discarded serials BOWEN@SNYCORVA.BITNET 15 Oct 1992 03:22 UTC

For those who feel faint when the topic of Serial Control comes up, the
issues surrounding the incredible amount of work to responsibly discard
titles will be an eyeopener.  There is no such thing as a simple discard
procedure with serials.  Added to the politically correct listing of
sources for disposition is the latest wrinkle on our campus.  It now
costs more per ton to toss them in the dumpster than it does to recycle
them.  Mind you, we pay the recycler to take them away, but we pay him less
than the hauler who would take them to the overfull landfill.  This, final
resting is only for those which have not managed to be picked up off
a regional gift and exchange list, or by a serial issues vendor, or by any
faculty who may have wanted to full unused shelving in his/her office.
Throughout the year or more of peddling our unwanted journal titles we
are storing them, boxing them and maintaining a small database application
to track disposition.

Johanna Bowen
SUNY College at Cortland