JESAUG or ... ? Clarification Birdie MacLennan 15 Oct 1992 19:29 UTC

Please reply to Kamala S. Narayanan and not to SERIALST.  Thanks.  --ed.
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Date:         Thu, 15 Oct 1992 13:08:00 EDT

>Date: 15 Oct 1992 08:20:53 -0500 (CDT)
>Subject: JESAUG OR...

>It would be helpful if you provided all the information you have on this
>request.  What is the full citation?  Do you have an author, a title?

I have, only an article entitled, 'Primer on Satellite Orbital Keplerian
Element Formats' by Jeff Wallach, NSITU, that was published in this
journal.  Nowhere in the article is the volume or issue number of
this journal mentioned. In the corner of the last page there is a
mention of a JESAUG 89-1 and 90-2&3. The patron would like to
consult another issue of this title, provided we can trace this
title. This is all the information I have.  We've checked all tools
including the science and engineering indexes and abstracts both
hard copy and on CD and have come up with nothing.
Thanks for trying to help.

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