Disposing of Unwanted Serial ERCELAA@VUCTRVAX.BITNET 19 Oct 1992 15:23 UTC

Date: 19 Oct 1992 10:58:58 -0500
Subject: RE: Disposing of Unwanted Serial

We are having a bit of success using SerialsQuest for both wanted items and
discards.  We are actually just getting started with them and phasing out our
participation in DEU because of the problem of the individual lists to the
500+ members.  The international members and the difficulty of mailing to
some foreign countries was another reason to find another way to deal with
surplus and needed issues.  SerialsQuest gives some credit in cases of "traded"
issues so the cost of acquiring needed issues is offset somewhat.

Orion, I would like to know how you arranged for pickup of your "prison"
giveaway items--also, who actually does the pickup.  We could use some help
with that.  Thanks for your part of the process; we have benefitted from it

Mary Youmans, Serials Librarian
Western Carolina University
Cullowhee, NC 28723-9002