India Today KRANDAL@NUACVM.BITNET 22 Oct 1992 20:40 UTC

We subscribe to INDIA TODAY, and we had been receiving the "International
edition".  But beginning with v. 17, no. 10 (May 16-31, 1992) we have been
receiving the "North American special edition".  The ISSN printed inside
(hidden, in very small type) has not been changed:  0254-8399.

We used to get a "North American edition" and I wonder if perhaps they
have added the word "special" and we're just getting that ed. again.
Or maybe the "International edition" changed its name?

Of course I found nothing on OCLC to help straighten this out.  Has anyone
else encountered this phenomenon?  (I brought this up in July, but only one
other library responded and they had only the first of the "special" ed.


Kevin M. Randall
Head, Serials Cataloging Section
Northwestern University Library