Re: NOTIS Holdings Displays Lynda F. Clendenning 22 Oct 1992 20:49 UTC

At the University of Virginia we have dealt with the problem
 of limited OPAC display from the Volume Holdings Record (VHLD)
 in Notis version 5.0 by creating several copy lines with the
 same location and spreading the holdings across several copies.

The patron can then see all of the holdings for one location
 under the LIBRARY HAS: label.

Once we load Notis version 5.1 we will move the holdings for
 the one location back to one copy line/VHLD record.

Since extensive holdings for a title usually are not held
 by numerous locations (at least at our institution) this
 temporary solution has served us well.  There are, of course,
 Order record and item record linkage problems that may
 limit some libraries in making such an adaptation to
 the dearth of display characters (850, I believe) in
 the OPAC from the VHLD record.

Lynda Fuller Clendenning
University of Virginia Library
Charlottesville, VA 22903            lfc9k@poe.acc.Virginia.EDU