Serials w/ diskettes JGATTEN@KENTVM.BITNET 28 Oct 1992 20:19 UTC

Here is a summary of the specific responses that I received to my inquiry
regarding the handling of diskettes that come with serials.  Apparently
this topic has been discussed earlier and info is available in the archives.
  -- Jeff Gatten, Kent State University

     1)  College A: Our college is a medium-sized liberal arts
college with a computer center and a media center physically
separate from the library.  We are making copies of diskettes
that arrive with books and keeping the copies at the circulation
desk.  A note on the book tells the user that a diskette is
available at the circulation desk.

     2)  University A: We separate the computer disks from the
issues. We place the disks in the media center since they have
the storage and the disks can be read there. We give the disk a
media call no. and add the vol. and no. to the call no. We then
make a label for the issue telling where the disk is kept and
when the issues are bound an acid free card will be placed in the
bound vol. to tell the user where the disk(s) is.  We note this
disk location in  a the note field in our online record and we
record receipt of the disk in the check-in record.

     3)  University B: When diskettes first started to appear in
journals, we made the attempt to duplicate them - put the copy
with the journal and the original in a closed stack area.  The
journal issue and the duplicate disk had a typed label noting the
location of the original.  The number of titles with disks, the
problem that we did not have equipment to copy all disks (only
have access to IBM and 3" drives),  the cost of buying disks for
duplication, we have stopped the duplication procedure.  The disk
is left in the issue when shelved and bound.