Summary Holdings Statements (Joyce Tracy) Marcia Tuttle 02 Nov 1992 15:44 UTC

Date:         Mon, 2 Nov 1992 11:59:59 PST
From: Joyce Tracy <>
Subject:      summary holdings

To: Aimee Algier-Baxter
From: Joyce Tracy, AAS
Subject: Summary Holdings statements

A member of our local consortium who subscribes to Proquest says that when
leasing the system from UMI you find out what you can have included in
your leasing agreement about loading it into your own system n system.
The copyright remains with UMI.  You do not have to retrun the CD's.  If
you want to get intouch with him, the adress is Timothy Rivard, Allmerica
Financial Corporate Resource Center, 440 Licoln [Lincoln] St., Worcester
MA 01653, Tel. 508-855-2435, FAX 508 -853-6332. Joyce Tracy