Microfiche SMURDEN@VCUVAX.BITNET 10 Nov 1992 02:05 UTC

This is being cross-posted to SERIALST and MEDLIB-L, so please forgive the

At Virginia Commonwealth University, we are preparing to tape load cataloging
records for some of our microfiche sets, and are trying to develop a game
plan.  Currently, our fiche is simply filed in alphabetical order by either
the title of the set (if there is one), or the specific title (either serial
or monograph).  If we maintain that arrangement, we anticipate problems in
our OPAC display - the notes may not direct users to the larger set.  How do
other libraries handle their fiche?  If they are classified (either with a
formal system like LC or an in-house system), are individual fiche sleeved?
How do you handle situations where patrons separate the fiche from the sleeve
and there is no indication on the actual fiche of its "call no." location?
Do some libraries still maintain their fiche collections in a closed stack
environment?  Has anyone _closed_ their fiche collection to browsing, and why?
Obviously, I want to know it all.  Any feedback that anyone can give would be
greatly appreciated, and responses from similar-sized or larger libraries
is especially needed (we are approaching our 1,000,000th volume).  You may
respond to me directly or to the list.  Thanks.

Steve Murden
Virginia Commonwealth University