Re: Microfiche Sam A. Khosh-khui 10 Nov 1992 21:21 UTC

        Here at the Albert B. Alkek Library, Southwest Texas State
        University, we catalog and classify all microfiche titles.
        Microfiche titles are classified in the LC system in the same
        manner as titles in other formats.  Generally, most of these
        titles are cataloged under their specific title not as a set.
        There may be a few exceptions.  For instance, Oregon microfiches
        are cataloged individually not as a set.  Each single fiche is
        kept in an envelope with the title and call number typed on the
        envelope.  Titles having two or more fiche have "pt.1", "pt.2",
        etc. added to the call number on the pocket.  Also, the title are
        followed by the information in brackets: "[Pt. ... of ...]" to
        correspond with each individual fiche.  All parts of the single
        title are kept in the transparent plastic jacket that they
        arrived in.  Titles are arranged by call number in drawers
        specifically designed for microfiche and they are open to public.

        The cataloging information on each specific title is available to
        patrons in the online public access catalog.  If you are worried
        that you may not may not direct users to the larger set by
        maintaining such arrangements, create some form of authority
        record for the set to guide users to look for individual titles.
        Also, if you are concerned about how to handle situations where
        patrons separate the fiche from the sleeves, write the call no.
        above the eye-readable portion of the fiche.  Some fiche sets
        such as Oregon Microfiches have the class number at the top.
        Normally we don't add the call number to the fiche itself and we
        rely upon the call number on individual sleeve. If they get
        separated from their envelopes, the call number can be located in
        the online system.

        I should add that there are some exceptions.  Some fiche arrive
        without pockets.  For those, we keep a supply of pockets on hand.
        Some fiche arrive with several fiche inside one pocket.  We
        process them in individual pockets.  Some titles, such as ERIC,
        do not go into pockets at all.  They are placed into the fiche
        drawers without pockets and the range of document numbers, first
        and last of that batch, is recorded for the patrons.   CIRR
        microfiches do receive individual pockets. We have created a
        program on one of the apple computers that prints envelopes for
        certain titles, then the variable information is manually added
        to the call number.

        Finally, our microform area is open to public.  To minimize the
        problem of separation of fiche from the envelope, patrons are
        directed by signs not to reshelve the fiche but rather to return
        them to the personnel desk.

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