Serials Cancellations Birdie MacLennan 17 Nov 1992 22:00 UTC

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Date:         Tue, 17 Nov 1992 13:07:00 EDT
From:         Renee Mansheim <MANSHEIM@EVMSVMS.BITNET>

We are a small free-standing medical school.  To stay within our $300,000
serials budget for 1993, we had to cut $50,000 (1993 proj. dollars) from
our roster, which came to 104 titles.  This is the first time we've faced
a flat budget, and massive cutting.  We feel fortunate that we haven't had
to do it sooner, and are wondering what the serials world is coming to.

Renee Mansheim
Technical Services Coordinator                Mansheim@EVMSVMS.bitnet
Eastern Virginia Medical School Library       (804) 446-5842
P.O. Box 1980,  Norfolk, Virginia  23501

Date:         Tue, 17 Nov 1992 13:05:35 EST
From:         Bill <PAGEWL@DUVM.BITNET>
Subject:      Re: Serial cancellations

Here at Drexel Univ. in Philly we have a flat budget line of
810,000 for serials.
Last year we cancelled 152,000 and this year 127,000.