Serials cancellations Birdie MacLennan 18 Nov 1992 14:55 UTC

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Date:         Tue, 17 Nov 1992 14:48:03 EST
From:         "Janet Anuta Dalquist" <JANDALQ@MTUS5.BITNET>
Subject:      cancellations

J.Robert Van Pelt Library, Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI
49931.  1991-92: out of 2900 current subscriptions we cancelled 243 titles
representing 12% of 1991 Fall prices.  However, we added 49 new titles.  Net
cut was 10.4%.  We may have to cut more next year.  This year's cut request
was for 10-12% of costs.  We generate department lists from a local data
management file developed in 1987 when we did a cut of 866 titles which
represented 22% of the budget.  In a University with almost total emphasis
on science/engineering both of these were devastating.

Date:         Tue, 17 Nov 1992 22:57:50 CST
From:         Gaele Gillespie <GGILLESP@UKANVM.BITNET>
Subject:      Re: Serial cancellations

The University of Kansas Libraries cancelled serials (effective 1993) in
the amt. of:   $187,477.70  which represents:
               444 orders
               518 titles
               $44,986.74 in standing orders
               $142,490.96 in subscriptions

Compare the number of orders, titles, and amount with our cancellations of
  FY1991/92 (effective 1992):  $187,124.93
                               711 orders
                               785 titles
                              (sorry, no s/o versus subs. breakdown)

Almost the same dollar amt., but look at the difference in the number of titles
and orders that same amount represents. Interesting, no?

Serials cancellations used to happen -- as a huge project -- once every several
years (FY1973/74, FY1979/80, FY1987/88).  Now it's becoming an annual happening
and we're allowing for the "project" every year...

E. Gaele Gillespie / Asst. Head, Serials     University of Kansas Libraries

Date:         Wed, 18 Nov 1992 08:44:32 EST
From:         Jeannette Ward <FDWARD@UCF1VM.BITNET>
Subject:      Re: Serial cancellations

Univ. of Central Florida during 1991/1992 had to identify and cut 15% of its
serial subscriptions.  1990 renewal prices were used.  The 15% cut has not
reduced the projected 1993 renewal costs due to inflation for 1991 and 1992.
>From 4900 titles - 630 titles were cut for a reduction of $142,000.

 Jeannette A. Ward                          fdward@ucf1vm
 University of Central Florida Libraries
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