RE: Serials Cancellations KINGH@SNYSYRV1.BITNET 19 Nov 1992 20:42 UTC

We cancelled about $6,000 this year in the first round.  After receiving
warning notices from Faxon about titles whose 1993 rates sharply increased,
I cut 2 more titles equaling about $1,200 (1992 dollars for both figures).
Last year cutting just a few high priced, underused titles including
Bio Abstracts/RRM, we saved about $13,000.  Our total budget for serials
is between $450,000 and $550,000 including newspapers and direct
subscriptions for CD-ROMs etc.  This figure does not include most directories,
continuations, standing orders, and bill laters.

Hannah King
SUNY HSC Library at Syracuse