NASIG Catalogers' Discussion Group Meeting Marilyn Geller 07 May 1993 16:55 UTC

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to me as this is not necessarily list business!

I am in the process of setting the agenda for the Catalogers' Discussion
Group Meeting at the NASIG Conference to be held in June at Brown
University.  This meeting traditionally has a rich and full agenda
because of contributions from attendees.  Currently I have two topics
suggested for the agenda:

1.  Keyword searching in OPACS vs. Controlled vocabulary searching:  I
would appreciate comments on the theoretical and practical issues (pro
and con); documented searches would be helpful too!

2.  US Newspaper Project:  Can someone (or someones) talk briefly about
his/her experiences with starting up such a project, avoiding the
mistakes of others, and meeting expectations.

In addition, I'm looking for other topics for the agenda.  These can be
broad theoretical issues or small practical questions.  In a room full
of serials catalogers, you can be sure that your issues and questions
will be dealt with!

Finally, this year I am looking for a volunteer or a multitude of
volunteers to help collect documentation, moderate the discussion and/or
take minutes.

Thanks in advance,

Marilyn Geller, Serials Cataloger
MIT Libraries, Room 14E-210A
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

Phone: (617) 253-0587
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