APALA program 6/26/93 at New Orleans Marjorie H. Li 14 May 1993 22:10 UTC

You are cordially invited to a program sponsored by the Asian Pacific
American Librarians, an ALA affiliate, to a 2-hour meeting on
Saturday, June 26 1993 at the New Orleans Convention Center, Room
10.  The title of the program is "On the Cutting Edge: Pacific
Century and You as Information Professionals."  Two speakers will
present their views on the topic.  They are Alex Gibney, Executive
Producer of the PBS 10-parts series, "The Pacific Century," and Fred
Teng of American Telephone & Telegraph, Baskin Ridge, N.J.  A panel
of three librarians will then respond to the presentations by the guest
speakers.  They are Raul Huerta of Syracuse University, Hwa-wei Lee
of Ohio University and Ravi Sharma of University of Evansville.
Questions and exchanges from the floor will be encouraged.

If you are a member of APALA, you are welcomed to stay for a membership
meeting to be scheduled between 4:00 and 5:00 P.M.

If you are looking for an exciting program with your fellow librarians
on Saturday night, you are invited back for an evening reception at
the top floor of the World Trade Center at 7:00 P.M. on the evening.

The local Asian American communities will host the program entitled,
Mardi Gras, Asian style for you. (Donation/admission $10.00).
There will be entertainment, foods, door prizes and raffle.  I
understand the view from the World Trade Center is simply breath-
taking.  Please do reserve the evening for the occasion and join us.

Please contact Marjorie H. Li, APALA president, 908-932-5904 or the
local host, Marina Espina 504-525-5225 for additional information or
tickets. You may also write to M. Li at the following address:

        Marjorie H. Li
        TAS/Rutgers University Libraries
        Busch Campus
        P.O. Box 1350
        Piscataway, N.J. 08855-1350