Popular Photography Nancy Chaffin 14 May 1993 22:24 UTC

Here at Texas A&M we received the May issue of Popular Photography, and
a phone call to the publisher resulted in the information that has already
been shared on this listserve.  As far as dealing with duplicate volume
numbering, according to LCRI 12.3G "Create separate records when a serial's
enumeration repeats the exact numeric designation and the publisher does not
link the old and new systems with a designation such as 'new series' or 'second
series'".  Additionally, a uniform title, qualified by place and date (LCRI
25.5B) will have to be created for the 1993- title.

When we called the publisher, he suggested we handle this by calling the
numeration "new voluming" or something to that effect.  We were hoping we
had convinced him to add that wording to the designation printed on the
serial, and are waiting for the June issue to see if that happens before
we create a new successive entry for this title.

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