Availability of Unwanted Serials on SERIALST? Birdie MacLennan 15 May 1993 19:52 UTC

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Question and Response from the Editor:

Date:         Thu, 13 May 1993 14:23:03 -0500
From:         Scott B. Wicks <sbw2@CORNELL.EDU>
Subject:      Availability of Unwanted Serials on SERIALST?

I was wondering if posting information regarding the free availability of
runs of serials which are "too valuable to throw away" is allowed on

Cornell has two copies of _Inter-American economic affairs_ v.1-30
available to any library willing to pay shipping charges.

If SERIALST is not the correct forum for posting such information, might
you suggest another?

Thanking you in advance.

--Scott Wicks
Acquisitions Librarian

Date:     Sat, 15 May 93 14:50:50 EST
From:     Birdie MacLennan <BMACLENN@UVMVM>

Editor's response:   If there is a electronic forum for trading or
recycling unused and/or unwanted serials, we are unaware of it.
Some months back, I exchanged correspondence with a person who was
interested in setting up a duplicate exchange forum on the network.
I was later told that the project had been put on the "backburner."
Perhaps, if there have been further developments in this area,
someone will read this and step forward with an update or progress

SERIALST has posted information regarding requests for needed serials,
or institutions seeking outlets for unused or unwanted serials that
are "too valuable to throw away."  These postings have been permitted
because they have been few and far between, and they are loosely related
to the broad serials content area that SERIALST encompasses in its
scope.  However, and essentially, SERIALST is NOT intended as a forum or
trading center for duplicate, unused, or unwanted serials, and although
we have posted these kinds of messages, on occasion, in the past (for
lack of any other obvious forum or networking center), it is not
something that we wish to encourage on this list in the future.

Within the last six months, there was some discussion on SERIALST re.
vendors and service agents who provide outlets for duplicate exchange
and/or unwanted serials, and various users' assessments of these services.
It may be more appropriate to resurrect this discussion on SERIALST (if
interest warrants) or to run a search through SERIALST's archives for
services and exchange programs that have already been discussed.

    Birdie MacLennan
    SERIALST Listowner/Moderator    bmaclenn@uvmvm.bitnet
    University of Vermont           bmaclenn@uvmvm.uvm.edu