Micro-based Serials Systems Birdie MacLennan 18 May 1993 15:50 UTC

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Date:         Tue, 18 May 1993 09:18:05 -0500
From:         Martin Beckwith <rrlbeck@CCU.UMANITOBA.CA>

The Library at Red River Community College, Winnipeg, Canada is automating
its serials check-in and routing procedures. We are currently considering
two micro-based systems to handle our collection of 800 titles. The two
systems are: 1. Remo (from Readmore)
             2. Data Treck Serials Control Module

Brief comments about strengths and weaknesses of these systems, and
comments about the vendors will be appreciated.

Please respond to: Martin Beckwith
                   Head, Technical Services/Systems