Serials Processing by Subscription Agencies Andrew Clarke 20 May 1993 02:01 UTC

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Dear Colleagues: Yesterday I posted a request on the use of consolidation ser-
vices for serials processing, and I now feel that I may not have made myself
sufficiently clear. As some of you might be wondering about this strange
Australian who doesn't know what a subscription agency is :-) :-) my query
is about more than ordering and claiming and forwarding issues: it refers to
the service whereby the agency tattletapes with your kind of tattletape,
stamps issues with your library stamp, puts on a sticker with your library's
call number and follows up claims automatically. I understand that some
agencies will interface with your serials module or give online access to their
database so that your staff don't need to check-in either.

Thanks for your consideration,
Andrew Clarke, The Library, University of Canberra
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Date:         Thu, 20 May 1993 08:45:06 +1000
From:         Andrew Clarke <ajc@LIBSERVER.CANBERRA.EDU.AU>
Subject:      Re: Serials Processing by Serials Agencies (Rolfe Gjellstad)

Many thanks, Rolfe for your reply.

Best wishes from Canberra,
Andrew Clarke, The Library, University of Canberra