Looseleaf policy ANN ERCELAWN 27 May 1993 18:06 UTC

Date: 27 May 1993 11:48:00 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: looseleaf policy

We are trying to come up with a policy concerning cancelled looseleaf material.
We have several cancelled legal looseleafs in our collection and want to do
some collection maintenance.  Does anyone have a written policy or
any information concerning cancelled looseleaf materials they could pass along?
I would like to know when to keep a cancelled looseleaf on the shelf and when
to withdraw it from the collection.  What is the rationale for keeping a
cancelled looseleaf in the collection?  Do you place a non-current sticker on
SWT is a medium-sized academic library with a political science and legal
assistant program-no law school.
I would appreciate any help!

Margy Wilson
Southwest Texas State University
Albert B. Alkek Library
San Marcos, TX  78666
FAX:  512-245-3002