Re: Looseleaf policy ANN ERCELAWN 27 May 1993 20:58 UTC

Date: 27 May 1993 12:15:00 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: RE: Looseleaf policy

We've cancelled dozens of loose-leaf titles over the past 2 years, mostly
legal treatises and extra copies of loose-leaf services.  We put tape on
each cancelled binder which says "CAUTION! Library does not have current
subscription."  We also note our online records with the date of
cancellation and the release number of the final update.

Many of our cancelled loose-leaf titles were removed from the main
collection and put into a storage area, so they can be retrieved if needed.
Others we left on the shelves - they're as useful as any other treatise.
Patrons just have to keep in mind the age of the material, and supplement
their research with current publications.

Since one can buy a complete new set of most loose-leafs for the cost
of 2-3 years of updates, we may do that for some titles.

Hope this helps - feel free to e-mail me for more info.

Andy Kohler
UCLA Law Library