Unsolicited title, Nederlandse Bibliografie ANN ERCELAWN 28 May 1993 17:18 UTC

Date: 28 May 1993 13:11:06 +0501 (EDT)
From: Marcia Tuttle <tuttle@gibbs.oit.unc.edu>
Subject: Message for SERIALST

My library recently received unsolicited a three-volume set, _Nederlandse
Bibliografie, 1801-1832_, from a publisher, Bohn Stafleu van Loghum in Hou-
ton, The Netherlands. Accompanying the volumes was a letter from the pub-
lisher which began "We have good news for you...." After describing the
value of the set and the process of compiling it, the letter ends in this

  As a subscriber to the Dutch Bibliography, you thus have a balanced cata-
  logue at your disposal, offering a wealth of information on a key period
  in Dutch (cultural) history.

  We trust that you will use this publication with pleasure.

A beautiful gift, right? NOT! A letter from our vendor for _Brinkman's
Cumulatieve Catalogus van Boeken_ informs us that we owe them $1,270.00.
They want to know immediately (by return fax) if we want the set. If we
don't want it, they instruct us to return it unmarked to their US office.

It has always been my understanding that unsolicited material is yours to
keep free of charge. Our reference department would be delighted to have
this set, as would our Western European bibliographer. But we strongly
object to the way it is being distributed (marketed?).

I have been directed to tell the vendor that, if they want to arrange for
pick up of the volumes at no expense to the library, they may have it back.

Have others of you received this set? What did you do about it? What would
you have done if you *had* received it?