Re: Unsolicited title, Nederlandse Bibliografie ANN ERCELAWN 28 May 1993 19:38 UTC

Date: 28 May 1993 14:49:00 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: RE: Unsolicited title, Nederlandse Bibliografie

We haven't gotten the same title that Marcia got & probably won't, given
the character of our collection, but I would have done the same thing she
  A year or so ago we did get something from Bowker that was unsolicited
with a request to pay for it.  We complained loudly to their customer
service people about how much it actually cost to make and process the
decision to return.  We told them they could send us a prepaid shipping
label for return & they said keep it.  That wasn't a $1700 item however
(just $100 or so).
  I'm not positive, but am fairly sure that if they won't pay for return,
you get to keep it anyway since it was unsolicited.  You might send a
nice thank you letter.
  Maggie Rioux
  Acquisitions Librarian
  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution