Re: Looseleaf policy ANN ERCELAWN 28 May 1993 19:39 UTC

Date: 28 May 1993 14:53:00 -0400
From: Jack.Montgomery@UC.EDU
Subject: RE: Looseleaf policy

Ms. Wilson,
           I am the Acquisitions Librarian in a medium-sized academic
law library.  Last year, due to imposed budget restraints, changes in
faculty, and patron population, we completely restructured our
collection.   The focus of the downsizing aspect of the restructure
was supplemented treatises and looseleafs.  The decision was made at
all levels that looseleafs not kept current were to be withdrawn.  It
was felt that any "tagging" would not be adequate to keep from
possibly misleading the patron population.  However, supplemented treatises
were to in effect, become monographs with the last pocket-part left in
the title as a clear indication of the last supplementation.  I will
be glad to share further thoughts with you if need.

Jack Montgomery
Acquisitions Librarian
Marx Law Library
University of Cincinnati
(513) 556-0156