Exemplary Periodicals Service? Virginia F. Moreland 03 Jun 1993 20:24 UTC

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This was inquiry was recently posted to LIBREF-L also.  Please respond
directly to me, as I am not a subscriber.  I will pass on a summary of
responses if they are of general interest.

  Our medium-large academic library has struggled for years with a rather
  awkward arrangement of periodicals and no staffing on the two periodical
  floors.  We are embarking on a project to improve access, which will
  place on one floor most print periodicals (excluding LC classes Q-R),
  all microforms storage, the photocopy center, and a combined microforms
  - periodicals assistance desk.  This will be two floors above
  Reference, the CD-ROM LAN, the main OPAC cluster, etc.   Space will
  not allow all of this to be merged on one floor.

  Our director may be interested in sending someone to visit libraries with
  exemplary periodicals service arrangements, at least if the travel budget
  holds up next year and the proposed sites are reasonably accessible from
  Atlanta. I'm particularly interested in collections that are big enough to
  be fairly complex, that have a mixture of print and microform periodical
  titles, and that also house some electronic full-text products such as the
  UMI OnDisk titles.

  So the question is, what libraries do you think have exemplary periodical
  arrangements/space/services, and why to you think they are special?  Most
  immediately, we are looking for ideas and data that will help us write a
  building program for the renovation of that floor.  Thanks in advance.

                            Virginia Moreland
                            Head of Reference
                            Georgia State University

    (P.S.  I will be in both New York City and New Orleans in the next
  month...nominations in those locations would be highly cost-effective.)