Latest entry cataloging? Kathleen Wells 04 Jun 1993 20:04 UTC

In the recataloging of some IEEE conference publications (shudder), I
came across a couple of OCLC records that appear (to me, anyway) to be
a reversion to latest entry cataloging.  #3051116 and #3820152 are
examples.  Both of these records have multiple 246 fields for variant
titles that, when one examines the volumes, are actually TITLE-PAGE
titles (i.e., title changes).  One record even has a note: "Vol.
for 19xx has title: ..."  Both records also have lengthy 019 fields,
meaning, I assume, that individual records for these variant titles
have been "bumped."

I know that the interpretation of AACR 21.2C gives increased latitude
in the cataloging of fluctuating serial titles (and I'm all for it),
but the RI seems to me to define "fluctuate" pretty specifically,
and these IEEE publications don't quite fit.  They do not flip
back and forth between two titles; there may be a whole string
of unique titles.  Have I missed a major reinterpretation of the
rules?  I'm uncomfortable adding these records to our database
because they look like latest entry to me; on the other hand,
I'm more uncomfortable with taking the time and expense of cataloging
them originally if the records are going to be bumped.  Can anyone
shed some light?

Head, Serials Cataloging
LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge