Music Maker: Adam's Musical Magazine Kimberly A. Hale, Acquisitions/Serials Librari 08 Jun 1993 01:12 UTC

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I have a stumper query from our Center for Black Music Research that I hope
someone will have an answer to.  I would like to know the publication dates of
a serial entitled, "Music Maker:  Adam's Musical Magazine".  It seems to have
been published between 1919-1920, but I do not have verification.  The Moorland
Spingarn Research Collection at Howard University (Washington, D.C.) has
issues through vol. 2:8, but no confirmed cessation date.  I checked OCLC
and did not find any holdings by that title. Another bit of information:
Music Maker: ...was published in Washington, D.C.

I welcome any/all information that is out there.  Please respond to me via
e-mail at (axvclkh@uicvmc.bitnet) or by mail/phone.  Thanks for your help!


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