LITA/ALCTS Authority Control IG meeting announcement Deborah Ryszka 14 Jun 1993 20:33 UTC

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The LITA/ALCTS Authority Control in the Online Environment (ACIG) will meet at
the annual ALA meeting in New Orleans on Sunday, June 27, 1993 at the New
Orleans Convention Center, Rooms 39 & 40, from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m., with a
business meeting following from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.

The session will feature a presentation by Sarah Thomas, Director for
Cataloging at the Library of Congress.  Ms. Thomas will discuss the importance
of authority control at the Library of Congress as well as other current
issues in authority control, such as the emerging national authority file.
She will also update those present on issues currently under discussion at the
Library of Congress.

Other speakers will include Jennifer Younger (Ohio State University) and Bill
Garrison (University of Colorado, Boulder).  Ms. Younger will give an update
on the CIC project on extended cooperative authority work.  Mr. Garrison will
respond to some of the comments covered by Ms. Thomas in her talk.  At the
conclusion of Mr. Garrison's remarks, Karen Calhoun (OCLC) will speak briefly
on potential future directions in automated authority control.

All those interested in authority control are welcome to attend this meeting.
A question and answer session will follow these presentations.  Those
interested are urged to bring their questions and concerns about authority
control and to voice them at this meeting.  This meeting will be a unique
opportunity for those interested in authority control to give the Library of
Congress input on its plans for cooperative authority files.

Anyone doing research in the area of authority control is urged to contact the
chair of ACIG.  A vendor survey and updates on the utilities'
authority-related projects will be distributed to those in attendance.

Submitted by:
Deborah Ryszka
University of Delaware Library
Newark, DE 19711
phone:  302/831-8717