LAMA Statistics Section (ALA Program) Mary Page 16 Jun 1993 20:33 UTC

                        What's Behind the Numbers?
                Qualitative Enhancements to Statistics

Faced with tight budgets and increasing pressures for user services,
libraries are confronted with difficult resource allocation decisions.
There is growing recognition that using statistics by themselves to
arrive at resource allocation decisions is never completely
satisfactory, in that raw data do not always adequately represent
reality. Qualitative methodology can help alleviate this situation by
providing greater depth of understanding of the problem at hand.

"What's Behind the Numbers..." presents ways to enhance quantitative
data through qualitative measures.  Case studies will be used to provide
practical approaches to improve decision-making through an integrated
quantitative/qualitative approach.

Speakers for the program are:   Marianne Cooper
                                Director, Graduate School of Library and
                                   Information Science
                                Queens College

                                Glorianna St. Clair
                                Assistant Dean and Head of Information
                                   Access Services
                                Pennsylvania State University

                                Paula Warnken
                                Associate Vice President
                                   for Information Resources
                                State University of New York, Cortland

                                Vicki Young
                                Head of Public Services
                                Xavier University, Cincinnati

Date:  Monday, June 28th
Time:  2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Place: New Orleans Convention Center, Room 28

Sponsored by:  LAMA Statistics Section, Using Statistics for Planning
and Evaluation Committee