Integrated Online Systems query Marcia J. Whipple 16 Jun 1993 20:50 UTC

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We   are  becoming  VERY  serious  about  migrating  to   another
integrated  online system.  We wish to gather information on  the
following systems:

     Carlyle                  Voyager
     Data Research            DRA
     GEAC                     Advance
     Info. Dimensions         Techlib Plus
     Innovative Interfaces    Innopac
     Sirsi                    Stilas

Our questions about the serials modules of these systems are:
     1.    How  labor intensive is it to work in the system?   Do
you have to do alot of keying?  Can you move the cursor around in
the record?  Are changes made easily?

     2.   Are there wide array of frequency choices?  How easy is
it  to  change  frequencies?  Do you have to  change  the  entire
record to change frequencies?

     3.    Claiming is a problem.  Are there any word processing-
like capabilities for editing the claim report?

     4.   Are there other report capabilities you like?

Any  comments  pro  or con you want to share will  be  gratefully
received.  Thank you

Marcia Whipple
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