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Date: Mon, 18 Apr 1994 20:18:59 EST
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Subject: Re: Periodicals in Storage ?
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We are a large, busy special library with a very demanding clientele.
We are also very short of space in the publically-accessible area of
the building, so we have had to send all of our serial backfiles to
one of three storage areas (one in the basement of this building, two
in other buildings nearby).  Depending on the frequency (and bulk) of
the individual title, we may keep the current year, or the current six
months, or the current month's worth in the reading room; everything
else goes to storage.  We are nowhere close to having all our serials
records converted, but all those that have made it to the NOTIS system
have a note or notes in the holdings record indicating what is available
where, for example: "Current year in Reading Room, backfile in Storage
(B24)", or "Current 6 months in Reading Room, backfile in Storage (WSB)",
etc.  Because not all our serial titles are in the NOTIS database, we
still maintain a printed list of all our holdings, and the identical
location notes are used in the printed list as well.  We bind very few
titles, and they have usually been in storage for a few months before we
get around to doing it.  (We often have to hold off binding certain popular
titles if the House is in session at the end of the volume or year.)

Our customers don't seem to mind having to wait for an item to be retrieved.
We have one regularly scheduled retrieval run per day, but of course if a
member of the Assembly needs something right now, someone goes right now.
The staff who do the retrievals quite enjoy the walk through the park to
the offsite storage locations, at least during the summer.  When it's
-40 with a howling wind, that's another story.


Pat Kolesar
Technical Services Librarian
Saskatchewan Legislative Library