Labelling Incomplete Volumes (Luellen Breed) Ann Ercelawn 01 Jun 1996 03:45 UTC

Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 18:27:20 -0900
From: luellen <breed@CS.UWP.EDU>
Subject: call no. spine labels for inc. vol. (fwd)

Hi Everyone --

We are starting a LARGE project to retrospectively label (with call
numbers) our entire bound periodicals collection.

This question is for those of you who bind things incomplete. (We
have lots of things that fall into this category!)  How do you
record the call number on the spine?  We have several differing
opinions on this, so could use some outside ideas.

So far we've come up with two ideas.  Does anyone have any
other suggestions?  How do others label incomplete volumes?

1.  Label with exactly what is in the "volume" -- eg.
     a.   v.1,no.3,6-8,v.3,no.1-4
     b.   1989,Jan.-Mar.,June-Dec.,1990,Jan.-June
    This can get long in some cases, but does tell the patron what
to expect in that "volume" without having to look at the holdings
record in the online catalog

2.  Label with what should be in the "volume" -- eg.
     a.  v.1-3
     b.  1989-1990
    This is shorter for patrons to read, but they need to look at
the holdings in the online catalog to see if something has been
removed from that "volume"

Thanks very much for your help.

Luellen L. Breed              Serials Librarian, Library/Learning Center              University of Wisconsin-Parkside
414-595-2274                  Kenosha, WI 53141