URLs for San Francisco & weather alert! Mitch Turitz 19 May 1997 14:40 UTC

This is cross-posted, so I apologize in advance for any duplication. --
The following are URL (World-Wide-Web) addresses for San Francisco.  You
might find these interesting and useful if you are planning on attending
ALA in San Francisco next month.

Also, a word of warning about the weather:  Mark Twain is alleged to have
said, "The coldest winter I ever spent was Summer in San Francisco!"

Summer in San Francisco can have a wide range of temperatures in a single
day!  Although it generally does not rain in summer here, fog and sun,
cold and hot, are all part of living in the Bay Area.  So bring something
that you can be WARM in if the fog rolls in.  You can recognize  tourists
in the summer in San Francisco because they are the ones in shorts, and

Just a few of the many things to check out in San Francisco:

The new San Francisco Public Library (http://sfpl.lib.ca.us/)
Pier 39
Golden Gate Park
Union Square
North Beach
The Golden Gate Bridge (it's painted Red, not Gold)
San Francisco Opera
San Francisco Symphony

and outside:

Wine Country (about an hour's drive North of S.F.)
Yosemite (a few hours drive south and east, but well worth it)

and, of course, visit many of the thousands of excellent restaurants
in the Bay Area.
-- Mitch
and now for the URLs:
Golden Gate Bridge 60th Anniversary : take a virtual tour, order T-shirts,
or just look at the bridge

The PIXPage: San Francisco's TV & Radio KPIX (channel 5 & 95.7FM) page
with interesting links.  Including good information about current traffic!
Weather & news up-to-date as well.

San Francisco Bay Area E-Guide

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge : LIVE Picture updated every 5
minutes from San Francisco's Exploratorium!

San Francisco Chronicle [Internet Edition]

San Francisco Examiner [Internet Edition]

The new San Francisco Public Library - includes many useful links

Yahoo - San Francisco Bay Area : Search engine specific to S.F. Bay Area.
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