Worst title-extended deadline Selina Lin 19 May 1997 14:42 UTC

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Dear colleagues,

   Although the official deadline (May 15) has just passed us, it is not
impossible to send in your last minute nominations for 1996/1997 Worst
Serial Title Change. Because I'm late in sending this reminder, I'd like
to extend the deadline till May 31, 1997.

Again, the details are as follows:


1. A FRIVOLOUS title change for NO APPARENT REASON, and producing

2. The unnecessary change of an OLD, RESPECTED title;

3. Repeated changes, the latest being no BETTER THAN any earlier

4. "Snake in the Grass", or "Et tu, Brute?" category for LIBRARY

5. The change must have occurred during 1996 to be considered.

Please submit complete citations for the change, including title,
number and/or date of last issue of the old title; number and/or
date for the new title, and the offending publisher's name and
address. Because of the limited time left till San Francisco conference,
please send your submission with LCCN or OCLC number via e-mail to me at:
selina-lin@uiowa.edu. And don't forget to include your own suggestion for
award name--the more creative, and poignant the better. As an incentive,
you'll receive a <bold>VIRTUAL BOUQUET</bold> from me if your entry is
chosen for one of the prestigious awards.<<<<<<<<

[From:  Selina Lin <selina-lin@UIOWA.EDU>]