Worst title-extended deadline -Reply Diane Jolin 20 May 1997 14:45 UTC

Yes, but my favorite continued into 1997.

We ordered Asia-Pacific Magazine from Australia as a monthly magazine
from the sample first issue. It became a quarterly by the first issue we
received. After one issue, it merged with New Asia Review of Westport,
CT to become New Asia-Pacific Review with two publishers/editors, one
in Australia and one in Connecticut.  It then un-merged back to
Asia-Pacific Magazine of Australia. The New Asia-Pacific Review kept
the new title, published by the former publishers of New Asia Review in
Westport, CT.

Would have to double check the frequency information of the first
Asia-Pacific Magazine if this is worth submitting.

[From:  Diane Jolin <JOLIND@T-BIRD.EDU>]