e-serial issue (from paper to online) jina wakimoto 23 May 1997 19:06 UTC

In my lonely struggle to deal with the electronic versions of journals
and serials, I've consulted the CONSER manual and the very helpful
discussions in this list.  I have adopted the single record approach for
our local policy.

The problem I have is with the serials which have died as a paper
version, and now only exist online.  The CONSER manual module 31.19
states that I should create a separate record.  I hesitate on this.

Instead, what I have done is the following:
In the bib record for paper, I have added a note, As of [date], only
available online at URL: _____, added 856 field and the same note in our
local holdings field (this shows in brief display on our opac).
I have left the record open.  My rationale for this is that this
publication is still live, just in different manifestation.

The 2 examples I have is: Monthly summary report (Coastal Data Information
Program) (OCLC #7906929); and AIDS bibliography (OCLC #18035434).  Both
records are closed with a 580 note, *without* a 785, and no new record
for the online version.  The only clue that this pub is still available
is buried in a note.  I don't see how this would be helpful for the patrons.

Could my fellow serialsters give me a strong argument why I shouldn't
continue with my practice?  Of course, I'd like to hear from my
supporters as well.  Thank you in advance.

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