Announcement, and Request Jeff Zeitlin 08 Sep 2019 04:36 UTC

First, the announcement:

I'm finally ready to post the September/October Freelance Traveller. It
goes up for download tomorrow!

Second, the request:

For those of you who have read _Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen_ by H. Beam Piper
(and optionally, the John F. Carr sequels), I'd like you to consider
writing a story: Suppose there is a world with that tech level and
pantheon. One night, during a major storm (perhaps a hurricane), a Vargr
equivalent of a 100-ton Scout crashes off-shore. The single Vargr aboard
manages to free himself from his sunk starship, and manages to get washed
up on shore. How does he get along in that culture, and how do they react
to Galzar appearing among them? If you decide to try writing this, you can
do it from the Vargr's POV, or from the POV of the natives.

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